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A New Way of Life for adults 55 plus in Corunna – Wellings of Corunna

The minute we started talking to Shelly Rodgers, leasing manager (also known as community builder) for Wellings of Corunna, we knew something different was about to be discovered. She has plenty of experience in the industry and boasts, “Our communities are globally awarded and nationally recognized for the concept, value, and lifestyle they encourage. We are here for people to realize that right-sizing their lives enables more choice and freedom to do what they love doing.” She adds, “it’s not just about leasing apartments, it’s about building a lifestyle community that embraces an ageless mindset and can set the tone for living the very best version of yourself. The Wellings focuses on wellness and believes in the freedom to choose your lifestyle options to create a life that brings you happiness and all the comforts of home. At Wellings you have so many choices, so many ways to customize how you live, and we believe it’s the key to living well.”

Wellings of Corunna is a new and somewhat unfamiliar concept of active adult living not seen before in the county. This community offers 132 condo-like rental apartments within a clubhouse atmosphere. This design allows for independent and active living. “At Wellings you pay for the services you do want without the added cost of services you don’t. That’s living well at Wellings, where comfort, convenience, choice, and value are the keys to a balanced lifestyle. This approach is unique and refreshing,” remarks Shelly.

Natalie Tommy, VP of Marketing for Nautical Lands Group (Wellings’ parent company) explains, “The success of the model comes from our (Nautical Lands Group) twenty-five year plus management and development of traditional retirement homes. We were consistently hearing ‘I’m too young to live in a retirement home!’ Wellings is what many of our residents were asking for. A community they could thrive in, with health care services that were available, but optional. They didn’t want to own and maintain, but did want to rent in a community that understood the sense of pride that comes from living in your own home. Full kitchens were a must with the freedom to cook for themselves if they wanted, but dinner service so they could have company for the evening meal. They also asked for the ability to design their own social activities and feel connected to neighbours. In essence we delivered the very model we were asked for, at a price per month that makes sense for most people searching for this type of lifestyle and community.” Natalie adds, “We saw and talked to so many people living in retirement residences who were paying for services they didn’t use, and saw a need for the Wellings model in both small town Ontario and the larger urban centres.” We are excited that Corunna and Sarnia have begun to understand and embrace this novel concept of living.

Wellings of Corunna is a rental community less than two years old. It features Atrium living, daily transportation provided by LEO, on-site parking, around-the-clock concierge services, fully equipped fitness studio and spa, and a dinner service prepared on-site. Natalie speaks about the residents, “Many of our ‘Wellies’ are active, still travel, and some are even talking about starting a band. They are looking for fun, interesting experiences that will enhance the way they are living now.”

The amenities will cater to everyone’s tastes, including: live music, open mic nights, art and sewing groups, cards, sports, and travel opportunities. This community offers Atrium living that you simply must see, with more than 10,000 square feet of interior amenities, including: a restaurant, pub, bistro, informal library and theatre, spa, tech bar, fitness centre, and billiards. It is a community that brings active adults together, which in turn enables adults 55+ to live a dynamic, engaged, motivated, and, frankly, a fun-filled lifestyle. “For some of the residents, it really is about new beginnings and exciting opportunities,” remarks Shelly.

“The transformation that occurs once people start living is incredible. Once people re-think what retirement can be, it’s fun to see them transform right before your eyes!”

Wellings of Corunna hosts many community events for LEO, and Business After 5, and has become home to the community’s Wellness Expo. All future tenants are invited to these gatherings so that they are able to meet new friends and socialize before they move in. These events definitely have a focus on fun; there is usually music, wine, and lots of laughs. The possibilities are endless.

Wellings of Corunna community builders are compassionate and passionate about delivering customized living solutions that make sense for adults over 55. They are friendly, caring, and truly approachable. They listen and strive to make sure that each and every one of their residents are enjoying their best life.

For more information contact Shelly, 226-455-0505 or srodgers@wellingsofcorunna. com

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180 Bunker Ave. Corunna, ON N0N 1G0


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