Charitable Bingo and Gaming Revitalization

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), together with Riverview Bingo Palace and Riverview Charities’ Association, have made changes at the local bingo hall, located at 497 Riverview Drive, Chatham, ON.  The goal of this revitalization is to ensure local charities have a viable way to fundraise, to support local programs, to enhance local charitable operations, and to support local employment at the gaming centre while offering the customers a new entertainment experience.

Riverview Bingo Palace now offers customers the choice of new electronic games or the traditional paper-based games that have been played at bingo centres for years.  Adding the electronic products to the traditional paper-based games enables the revitalization of the charitable gaming industry and provides a sustainable source of revenue for the local charities.  These local charities are an integral part of the Chatham-Kent community and the funds raised through charitable gaming allows them to continue their important work in our community.

The introduction of the new electronic devices, called Geckos, follows a successful  Pilot Program which introduced e-bingo in a few selected sites throughout the province.  This resulted in a significant increase in revenue for local charities.  By developing and introducing new products and technologies that will add to the traditional charitable gaming experience, more money will be generated for the local charities.  The revitalization is intended to preserve and enhance funding for charities while creating economical benefits, including employment opportunities, at local charitable gaming centres.

Electronic Bingo is offered on individual terminals with touch screens.  The terminals are also able to play the cards for the player.  Many players are combining the electronic game with traditional paper bingo as they dab some cards while the terminal plays others for them.  The terminal is engaging and makes the bingo game interesting as it shows the player how many numbers they are waiting for to get a bingo and allows the player to change the colour and shape of the dabs.   Another addition to Riverview Bingo are games that offers customers more choice and complement existing paper bingo games and the new electronic version .  These games include:

Play on Demand (POD) – a collection of electronic games on the electronic Geckos that can be played anytime and are not linked to a bingo session.  Monetary prizes can be won.

Tap Tix – the evolution of the classic Break Open Ticket features an interactive display screen on a ticket dispenser.  These games can also be played anytime and are not linked to a bingo session. 

These new games allow Riverview Bingo Palace to offer more customer choice, be more competitive, and appeal to a broader demographic, while providing a new gaming entertainment experience from traditional bingos and casinos.  Charities will have a more viable way to generate funds to support their programs.  Strong charities make the community of Chatham-Kent  better place to live.

Riverview Bingo Palace has undergone a major renovation to make the gaming experience more enjoyable for their patrons.  The seating area at the Bingo Hall includes some traditional long tables along with some octagon tables and stadium seating with seating on one side only.  All of the changes and upgrades have been carefully thought out to make the gaming experience a positive one for all customers.

Riverview Bingo Palace also has a snack bar that has been upgraded.  A new menu is going to be introduced in the coming months to include more selection of items and Daily Specials.

Riverview Bingo Palace is open 7 days a week with Bingo Sessions daily at 10:00 am, 1:00 pm, 3:30 pm, 6:30 pm & 9:30 pm daily. There are Midnight sessions on Friday and Saturday nights. Tap Tix machines are available for play during the hours that the Bingo Hall is open: 9:00 am to Midnight Sunday thru Thursday and 9:00 am to 2:30 am on Friday and Saturday nights. You can get more information and updates at their website – or call them at 519 351-3232.

You are invited to stop in and check us out anytime!  “We haven’t changed, we’ve just got better!”

For more information you visit: River Bingo Palace

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