Hospice Family Feels at Peace

While Mom and Dad were very community-oriented, Mom’s kids and grandkids were her everything. Mom dedicated the majority of her time to taking care of her family. 

In the summer of 2018, we knew something wasn’t quite right.  Mom had been to a series of appointments and she hadn’t been feeling the best, but, being the strong woman she was, Mom didn’t let on how quite how ill she had been feeling. 

At the end of November, Mom was diagnosed with Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer, a very rare form of thyroid cancer, which had spread to her lungs.  She was told she had approximately two months to live.

This shook our entire family. Arrangements were made for Mom to receive home care and we all tried to figure out how to keep her comfortable while at home, taking turns staying with Mom and Dad and doing whatever we could to make the situation work.  

Mom tried a trial treatment for several weeks and it appeared to help, but she was suffering significantly from the side effects, and in January the decision was made to stop the meds because it was having such a negative impact on her quality of life.

By the end of February, the pain caught up with her and Mom decided she was ready to go to Hospice. 

Once settled in her room, Mom looked very much at peace. You could visibly see the weight lift from both of our parents. Mom saw the spa room and she couldn’t wait to have a jacuzzi in the massive tub.  A long soak in the tub was something she hadn’t been able to enjoy very much in the last few months.

The stresses and pressures of knowing the end was near had been playing heavily on everyone over the past couple of months, especially Dad.  It seemed that Dad now knew Mom was in good hands and he could go home and rest for even a few hours if he needed.

Our entire family was able to visit and be at Hospice with Mom at any time of the day or night.  The grandchildren were able to visit and the staff were nothing but caring and generous, helping all of us and our children to fully understand what was happening to Grandma. It made them feel better knowing she was safe. 

We took turns spending the night with Mom at hospice so she wouldn’t have to be alone.  Although we were away from home, Hospice felt like home for the short time Mom was there.  The care and compassion for not only Mom, but our entire family, was unbelievable. Hospice provided us with comfort and peace and took away the stress and worry we were experiencing during Mom’s final days.

Although we understood the services Hospice offered, we didn’t truly understand the importance of Hospice until we were faced with this life-changing experience.

Mom would have wanted us to share her story. Our hope is that it will help other families understand how Hospice can help them. She will forever be in our hearts. We love you Mom!

Shared by the Chapple Family in
loving memory of their Mom.

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