Legal Matters – Social Media & Your Will

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Chances are you are on Facebook or another social media platform in order to stay connected with friends and family. You might also have a blog or website. Have you ever considered what would happen to your social media profiles, or online information, in the event of your death? 

Unless you state otherwise in your Will, it would be your Executor who has the responsibility to deal with your social media profiles and information available online. 

The obvious comes to mind such as your Facebook or perhaps a LinkedIn or Instagram profile – but also consider if you have a website related to your business, or perhaps an online dating profile. 

You may wish to specifically instruct your Executor on how to deal with your certain accounts in your Will. This could include instructions regarding editing your profiles, removing your information, or closing your accounts with social media applications. 

Don’t forget online retail accounts or payment services such as Amazon, PayPal, or eBay, to name a few examples. 

If you wish for someone other than your Executor to be responsible for these things in the event of your death, consider providing these specific instructions in your Will. 

Consider keeping a list of passwords and login information in a safe place and inform your Executors where to find this information so they can carry out your instructions with respect to your social media profiles or other online presence. 

With identity theft and fraud being such a relevant concern these days, it is very important to consider the importance of having your social media profiles and online presence dealt with appropriately in these circumstances. 

Jason P. Mallory, of Mallory Law in Blenheim, is the recipient of the Margaret E. Rintoul Award in Estate Planning 

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