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Tricia has been working as a real estate agent for the last seven years. She is a Broker with Advanced Realty Solutions Inc. Brokerage. She mainly works with the senior population in Chatham-Kent and other surrounding areas. Tricia is one of the few realtors in Chatham-Kent with the SRES designation. The SRES is the Seniors Real Estate Specialist designation. Real estate agents that hold this designation have the knowledge and expertise to help those over 50 with home buying or selling.

Tricia is the expert when it comes to seniors buying or selling. We asked her a series of questions to answer about real estate. 

Q.What should seniors look for when wanting to hire a real estate agent?

It’s always a good idea to meet with a real estate agent before hiring them. You want to ensure you’re getting a good fit. You want someone that can help meet your needs or concerns when buying or selling. Some agents prefer using more technology than others. It’s best to know this information before moving forward.

The best way to get in contact with a real estate agent is by using the old school methods. You can always call or meet in person.

Q. What is the difference between buying/selling to seniors rather than an adult?

A lot of times seniors haven’t moved in decades. They have a lot more questions when it comes to the process. For instance, they don’t know their home’s worth or they don’t know how the process works because its been so long. I always sit down with every client I have and let them know what to expect. This keeps clients from feeling overwhelmed and can smooth the process.

Q. What should you consider when buying or selling?

I always say it’s good to have a plan. If the client doesn’t have a plan, I will sit down with them to establish a good plan. Having a plan will ensure you have an easier time whether you’re buying or selling. If a client is looking to sell their home, it’s easier to secure something and then sell. I want every client to be able to look ahead.

Q. What are some tell-tale signs for downsizing?

Downsizing a lot of times comes down to preference. It’s usually safer to downsize to a smaller house, especially if you’re a snowbird. This leaves you doing less housework and allows you to focus on other things. A home is also the biggest asset for seniors. They’ve used their house to build their nest egg. Financially, it would be a better option to sell their home.

Q. How has COVID-19 affected the Real Estate industry?

It has made an impact on the way we interact with clients and showings. We do the best we can to ensure we’re taking every precaution needed. We want to keep ourselves and our clients safe. A few precautions we take are staggering clients with no back to back showings, limiting the number of surfaces being touched, and sanitizing in the house.

Virtual tours have also become more popular because of COVID. They are a great way to screen people before bringing them to a showing, although in-person is always ideal when looking to buy.

Q. What are good locations for seniors in Chatham-Kent?

Chatham- Kent is fortunate enough to have a lot of wonderful options for seniors. It comes down to preference and what they like to do. Lessening commute times is always a good idea. If they want to take part in certain activities like the senior center or visiting downtown, they should look at areas around them. Chatham also lots of walking trails that would be perfect for anybody.

Q. What makes you stand out?

I have over 15 years of sales and marketing experience from my past career.  Working as a real estate agent, I can combine my passion for real estate and my experience from my past career to help home buyers or sellers achieve the outcome they desire. I always want my clients to have the best experience. I showcase each property in the best way possible by hiring photographers and videographers. I’ll also sit down with clients and create a plan from start to finish. I want everyone to feel comfortable.

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