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The Healthy Habit – Now In Our 25th Year!

The following are excerpts from our INSIGHTS FOR HEALTH radio interview with Dr. Philip Rouchotas (ND, MSc, Associate Professor at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine).

“Whenever you see somebody over the age of 80, most people over the age of 70, and even some people in their 60s…the elderly are an epidemic of simple malnutrition. There are 3 reasons… you’re eating less, the food you’re eating is of poorer quality, and your ability to digest and absorb nutrients from it declines. You add those 3 things up and what you have is a gross epidemic of frank malnutrition.”

Malnutrition creates a cascade effect

Weak muscles and bones, mental decline, falls, and injury.
“Our strategy is…RE-FEED to achieve nutrient adequacy.”

Dr. Rouchotas offers twelve lifestyle and supplement suggestions, we’ve listed four:

  • Consume a Mediterranean diet: fruit, vegetables, healthy fats, lean meats
  • A daily quality multi vitamin
  • Whey protein: for its immune building properties
  • Vitamin D

You can hear the entire interview with  Dr. Philip Rouchotas on:



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