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What is Active Aging and Why Should This Be Your Focus? – Jenn Daoust

This concept aims to extend healthy life expectancy, which translates to longer activity while living independently. The objective is staying in the comfort of your own home, without assistance in daily routines, for as long as possible!

Our fitness goals as we age don’t always amount to being “buff,” instead it’s about moving pain free. It’s about adding good quality of life to your years!


  • Do something active, every day (gym, pool, outdoors etc).
  • Stretch often (slow mindful movement).
  • Continue learning (taking a class, or attending a seminar or workshop).
  • Be social! (surround yourself with others who are uplifting)
  • Eat healthy, nutrient rich foods to fuel your body.
  • Be positive about aging.
  • Help others whenever possible.

A key part is adopting a positive fitness routine, however that may look! Keep a positive mindset and set small, measurable goals to achieve. Joining your local gym is a great way to get started! Meet with a Personal Trainer to review your goals and ensure you are going to perform the exercises with proper form. A bonus to belonging to a health club is the social aspect. You can meet other like-minded people who all have similar schedules. A good gym will have info seminars about nutrition and stretching and various other topics. They will have professionals who know how to work with the aging population. Joining the gym will ensure you never get bored, as there are always several different things going on to keep your mind and body stimulated!

Most importantly, have fun!

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