When the Weather gets Colder, out come the socks

As the cooler weather sets in many of us are putting away our sandals and putting on our socks, our fall shoes, and then our winter boots. 

When it comes to socks,  stockings, and footwear, Bioped offers lots of  options for you to choose. 

Compression stockings or socks are garments designed to aid in the circulation of blood throughout the legs to prevent edema or swelling in the extremities. Varicose veins occur in the legs and feet due to the  malfunction of the valves within the vein walls.  This malfunction leads to the backflow of blood within the veins and results in additional pressure on the vein walls. This pressure causes the vein walls to stretch and weaken and become incompetent (Sigvaris Guide to Compression Therapy, 2014).

Graduate compression works by acting as an external layer of muscle, gently squeezing the vein walls together and allowing the valves within the veins to function normally. The stockings or socks come in a wide variety of styles and compression levels to accommodate all lifestyles and levels of insufficiency.

Made of Cashmerino/Bamboo for added comfort!

Colourful, comfortable, and, with winter knocking at the door, cozy too!

And always remember…. Compression is most effective when put on at the start of the day and should be worn daily for best results.

Come in to check out our large variety of compression for both men and women today!

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