Winter Walking in Boots from BioPed

BiopedThe only thing prettier than watching the snow fall is getting out there for a walk and feeling the snowflakes falling on your skin.

With winter weather already in full force, making sure you are safe while out walking becomes not only important, but possibly lifesaving. When choosing footwear for the winter months there are a few things to consider:

1. Check the treads on your existing boots. You change your tires when they start to wear down and you should do the same with your winter boots. Worn out treads will lead to more slipping and sliding.

2. Make sure that the tread on the boots is varied to give you more grip in all types of conditions. Look for a different tread on the heel compared to the front of the shoe.

3. Look for boots that have slip resistant or slip proof treads-this will give you more traction on snow and ice.

4. Treacherous conditions require footwear that performs well, not boots that are high fashion. Wear practical boots during bad weather and bring your fashion shoes or boots with you to put on once you arrive at your destination.

Always remember to wear warm socks and clothing while staying active in the great outdoors!

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