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Family Benefits From Hospice Care – Chatham-Kent Hospice

How do you show your loved one how much they mean to you when they are nearing end of life? You do all you can do to care for them and love them.

That’s what Margie’s family did. They cared for her at home, when she was in hospital, and when she eventually moved to Hospice. It’s the memories of their life together and knowing they did all they could for her at end of life that will sustain them as they miss her every day.

Margie and her husband Bill met at Rondeau Park in the 1950s as both families had cottages in the park at the time. They were married for 57 years and knew each other for over 63 years. Together, they had three daughters and often vacationed in the park. When they retired, they bought a home just outside the park and enjoyed it very much.

When Margie got sick and eventually needed Hospice care, they were overwhelmed with what they discovered. Before moving Margie to Hospice, her husband Bill and their daughters really knew very little about the type of care offered. Because the family had all rallied to care for Margie while at home and at hospital, they all experienced the burden of care being lifted from their shoulders upon arrival. The day Margie moved into Hospice, they could see the difference in her as well. She had a “settled in” feeling about her.

Not only did they find the building, décor, and Margie’s room very comfortable and peaceful, they found the staff and volunteers very genuine and sincere to both Margie and the family.

“Everyone showed a real interest in our family’s welfare; they were wonderful,” shared Bill.

“Margie loved going outside and being able to easily move her bed into the courtyard was terrific. The little touches really added up like the musical therapy, therapeutic touch, visiting dogs, and watching a monarch butterfly cocoon. These are memories I will treasure.”


This story is kindly shared by Bill Shillington and family in memory of Margie Shillington


Accessing Hospice Care…

Are you or is someone you love struggling with a life-limiting illness? Residential hospice care may be something to consider. The first step to call the Erie St. Clair LHIN Home & Community Care at 519-436-2222.

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