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The Bucket List – Denning’s Ltd.

A few years ago, Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson were in a movie called “The Bucket List.” It was a great film that centered on two terminal patients wanting to go to their graves regretting nothing and having experienced everything they could.  Not everyone gets a chance to contemplate a “to do” list before their time is up.  But that’s only because they didn’t take the time to do it.  You don’t have to be staring death in the face to finally warrant the creation of your list, you can do it now.

Whether your deepest aspirations include betting on the ponies at Dresden or climbing through the clouds to view Machu Picchu, writing it down will get you that much closer.  We, as funeral directors, hear too many people lament about the trip they didn’t take or the one that got away.  Make your list and go at it.  If you are having trouble finishing the list, we have a suggestion.  Prearrange your funeral.

This topic can fall under the heading, “Make things easier on the family” or “Make a good financial decision.” Either way, it will be a nice contrast on the list from skydiving.

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