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Welcome… to our 27th issue of CK Senior!

As we say good-bye to another summer, let’s welcome fall with open arms, as every season has its beauty. Most of us love the fall weather, the beautiful colours, the wonderful harvest, and being able to just open the windows and enjoy the cool crisp days. However, I know we all don’t like what’s next, winter, the season of snow, but like it or not it’s on the way. So why not choose to like it? Why not think of something different you can do this winter? Join a new club, read a new novel, learn a new language, try a new recipe…just try something new.

If you think back to your childhood, winters were something we all looked forward to. We’d go tobogganing, ice skating, build forts in the snow, and just for fun, catch snowflakes on our tongues. Well the latter we can still do no problem, but some of the other things we did in our childhood is where fond memories come in. But why not engage in other new winter experiences? Why not make a promise to ourselves to try something new every week? Challenge yourself, you might just be surprised at the fun you find and the new memories and friendships you make in the process!

As always, A BIG THANK-YOU goes out to all of our advertisers, our contributing writers, and to you, our readers. This magazine would not be possible without all of you.

Until our next issue, stay safe, happy, and healthy, and always remember … It’s alright to slow down, just don’t
stand still!

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