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Winter Fitness to Prevent Slips and Falls

When performing winter activities, emphasize strength, balance, and flexibility. We want to actively age and be able to live independently for as long as possible doing the things we love. Our quality of life is important, and being kind to our bodies through regular exercise is key!

Strength training will increase muscle mass which keeps the bones and joints healthy. Our local gym, Performance 360 Health and Fitness on Richmond Street in Chatham, has top notch equipment to ensure that you are comfortable and confident working toward your goals. They have a team of 10+ personal trainers and fitness professionals who work individually, and in a group setting with seniors to provide tips and tricks and ensure their technique is good.

Balance exercises will improve muscle and brain function, leading to less risk of falling and injuries. Yoga is a great way to gain balance (as well as flexibility) and focus on breath work to reduce the stress of the winter months and holidays. The gym also has several ways to improve balance, such as unilateral training, free weights, and cable machines.

Flexibility and mobility work will help keep our bodies moving well and pain free. Use a foam roller or lacross ball to gain more range of motion and to live with less discomfort. There are classes at Performance 360 that will teach you how to use these tools, and make sure you’re progressing well. They also have a Fascia Stretch Therapist who is trained in a low impact service from which you will feel immediate results.

Seek daily opportunities to incorporate strength, balance, and flexibility, and practice them often!

  • Walking (indoors or outdoors)
  • Fascia Stretch Therapy
  • Water Aerobics (at the YMCA)
  • Gentle Yoga Classes
  • Tai Chi
  • Physiotherapy
  • Fitness Classes (at your local gym)
  • Core Exercises and Regular Stretching
  • Strength Training (with a certified personal trainer if you can)
  • Work with a professional, such as a Personal Trainer or Class Instructor, who knows the importance of adding LIFE to your years! 

It’s about the quality of life and ability to live self-sufficiently for many more years. Get moving, it will help enhance your energy, preserve your independence, manage symptoms of illness or pain, and maintain a healthy weight and heart. Exercise is good for your mind, mood, and memory!

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Jenn Daoust PTS, FSTS, NWS

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