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Amanda Primeau, CK Quality Foot Care

High quality foot care, brought to the comfort of your own home

C-K Quality Foot Care is one of Chatham-Kent’s very few options for a fully mobile foot care service. It truly is quality foot care in the comfort of your own home.

Business owner Amanda Primeau RPN, CFCN wanted to offer a service to all people of C-K, regardless of their ability to travel to external appointments. “I was seeing that some people were struggling to get services like foot care due to an inability to get to and from appointments, so I decided to start going right to them,” says Amanda.

In the four (4) years that Amanda has been going out into the community, the unique service has grown in popularity. “I have had to bring on additional nurses to help due to many people asking for our service,” Amanda told us. All nursing staff are certified in advanced foot care.

“Specializing in foot care allows us to fully and properly assess and treat foot issues, including (1) removing ingrown toenails and preventing them from coming back, (2) removal of corns & calluses, (3) working with fungal nails, trimming and filing, (4) podiatry drilling, (5) work with cracked heels, and much more. All of our work is fully documented and confidential.”

We pride ourselves in only using fully sterilized, autoclaved tools so you can feel comfortable that you are getting the best care possible. Most benefit plans cover your foot care service under podiatry. If you have insurance of any sort our service may be covered for you.

Diabetes is a significant problem in this region. Diabetics need to be sure they are very careful when trimming their toenails as they are at higher risk of infection. It is always recommended that a professional performs this foot care for you if you are diabetic. In addition, they offer a fingernail trim and file for a small charge for those who also require this service.

There aren’t many places CK Quality Foot Care can’t go:  retirement homes, nursing homes, apartment buildings, and most kinds of properties. You don’t need to do anything to prepare for your appointment. They will schedule a time that works best for you, bring everything they need, and ensure a full clean up before leaving in a timely manner. An appointment usually takes approximately 45 minutes.

“We look forward to helping you with all your foot care needs!”

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Amanda Primeau
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