When packing your bags…..don’t forget the kids and the grandkids!

The new top travel trend among Canadian travellers is multi-generational travel. An increasing number of families are choosing to plan vacations and travel together.

Gone are the days of Grandma and Grandpa travelling south for the winter and Mom and Dad taking the kids on a summer vacation.

Statistics Canada research states 40 per cent of all active leisure travellers have taken at least one multi-generational trip in the past 12 months, and as high as 77 percent of those were associated with a life event, such as a family reunion, milestone birthday, or anniversary.

A few quick facts about what’s fueling this trend:

  • The Conference Board of Canada estimates that by 2019 the number of Canadians between the ages of 55 and 64 years will increase by 12 per cent, and they enjoy traveling with family.
  • Families live further apart. It used to be common to live in the same town or around the block from family, but now it’s common for families to live in different cities, provinces, and even countries. Family travel is a great opportunity to get together and create family memories.
  • The desire to do something truly memorable for big occasions, such as weddings and milestone celebrations.

Above all else, more people want to unwind and relax together with family. The benefits of multi-generational cruising include:

  • Often the larger the group, the better the price that can be arranged for each passenger.
  • Each cruise line caters to families and offers non-stop activities for all ages.
  • Private group babysitting options are offered aboard most major lines, available as early as 9:00am until the early hours of the morning, allowing adults to spend time with other grown ups.
  • A host of professionals on each cruise line is there to arrange accommodations and needs for those large, multigenerational events, such as weddings.

When booking a family vacation, consider:

  • Planning ahead. You don’t have to rush when using a trusted travel agent.
  • Get everyone involved and plan activities for everyone.
  • Make sure to plan time together and apart. This will help keep the peace and increase the memories that will last a lifetime.

For more information on multi-generational travel and all your travel needs, call 519.956.8777 or email. No matter the age, cruising has something to offer everyone.

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