A Pane-Staking Endeavour

It’s been 14 years since The Mary Webb Centre opened its doors in 2010, doors that first opened in 1918 – 106 years ago! The stately old building has seen a lot of care and attention from the team at The Mary Webb Centre in the past 14 years, but one project was too daunting – until now. The extraordinary 106 year old stained glass dome that brilliantly hovers overhead in the concert hall is in need of an expert restoration.

This is not a simple undertaking and we’re asking for your support to complete the restoration and have the dome reinstalled in the summer of 2025. Every $25 donation helps put each of the over 2000 unique panes of glass back in its place, reach our $60,000 goal, and rebuild the kaleidoscopic spectacle! Join us in this pane-staking endeavour to bring the amazing display of colour and glass back to The Mary Webb Centre. Donate $25 a pane today – 1, 5, 10 or more at a time!

For more information visit :
www.marywebbcentre.ca |
mwcfundraising@gmail.com | 519.359.3127
87 Main Street West, Highgate

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