Taking Care of Your Sole, in the Comfort of Your Own Home

The foot is a complex structure that provides each of us with support, balance, and mobility. Ensuring that your feet are healthy and pain free, will help maintain your balance, and ability to stay active.

Nooshki Medical Footcare proudly provides services that are usually only offered in clinic settings, in the comfort of your own home. Advanced nail, skin, lower limb, and diabetic footcare as well as custom orthotic fittings and custom compression garment fittings are among the services that are available. The aim is to achieve and maintain optimal foot health the children, adults, and seniors of Chatham-Kent.

Marlena Zalewska, founder of Nooshki Medical Footcare, has been a Registered Nurse since 2013. She obtained her training and designation as a PodOrtho Nurse which qualifies her to provide advanced foot and lower limb care. Her dream of providing mobile, quality, safe, and compassionate footcare led her to start this venture and offer such a needed service accessible to those living in Chatham-Kent.

Special Care for Seniors & Individuals Living with Diabetes

We see a large number of cases where adequate footcare is overlooked, and the overall health and well-being of both seniors and those living with diabetes is therefore affected. Once cracks, sores, or wounds form on the feet, they are an entryway for bacteria that can lead to infection, making them very serious issues, as slower wound healing associated with age or related to diabetes, can quickly lead to serious health complications. With regular and thorough footcare and the correct footwear, the overall health of your feet can be greatly improved, helping you to avoid unwanted and often painful complications long before they arise!

In addition to professional footcare, it is very important for seniors and individuals with diabetes to visually check their feet and look at their soles every day to ensure that no cuts or blisters are present. Small issues such as cuts, scrapes, or callouses can become serious if they aren’t treated early, so awareness and diligence is of great importance!

What to Expect

Marlena explains, “When I meet a client at home, I start off with a foot assessment and develop an individualized plan of care. I then perform all necessary foot, skin, and nail care on the spot and address any areas of concern, including ingrown nails or corns and callouses. I use medical grade sterilized equipment for each client, which makes this medical service safe for all, even for diabetics.”

To celebrate the launch of Nooshki Medical Footcare, the first 100 clients to book a Footcare Service are provided with a welcome gift that encourages and facilitates daily foot self-checks so everyone can stay in control of their foot health!  

To read more about each service that Nooshki Medical Footcare can provide, please visit us online www.nooshkifootcare.ca or call 226 996 9799 to book your first mobile footcare service today.

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