Joint aches and pains can be relieved both daily and long-term with natural supplements.

WHITE WILLOW  acts a lot like aspirin and is used for arthritic pain.  It can be an alternative for ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatories.

MSM (methyl-sulphonyl-methane) is an organic sulphur compound that reduces the stiff and rigid decline of our cells.  MSM helps nutrients and hydration into joint cells to improve flexibility.

HYALURONIC ACID   retains moisture to protect and lubricate the cartilage and connective tissues in moving joints.  Oral supplement studies reveal improvement in joint pain within two months of use.

COLLAGEN   is the building block of bone and connective tissue that undergoes continuous remodeling.  In 3 to 12 months of collagen supplements WOMAC (The Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Arthritis Index) scores show decreased joint pain and improvement in stiffness.

A supplemental approach requires time and patience.  Think long-term for pain relief … naturally.

(Consult your pharmacist.  Natural supplements can interact with medications.)

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