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65 the New 55!

Did you know that once you reach 55 that you are entitled to numerous senior discounts?  With that being the case is “55 really the new 65”?  It used to be that you were not considered a Senior until you reached the age of 65 but there are now so many of us baby boomers in their early/mid 50’s maybe it’s time to review and rename the stages of a Senior?

Age 50 – The Freshman Senior:

You have just reached middle age,­ half a century.  You may start to feel like you need to catch up on the things you’ve always wanted to do.   You’re now the “BIG 50” and may feel like you’re sitting on a fence; “old enough to know better, but still too young to care.”

Age 55 – The Sophomore Senior:

You have now reached the age where you can start cashing in on those numerous senior discounts, and you really hope to be carded when you do.  You’re starting to feel aches and pains in places you never did before.  Glucosamine becomes your friend.

Age 60 – The Junior Senior:

OK at this point you are now looking back over the years and really reviewing what’s still on your bucket list.  You’re thinking of all the things you did in the early 70’s and you’re praying that the things you did in the spring of your life do not come out in the fall.  Your biggest focus now is the countdown to retirement.

Age 65 – The Senior:

You have now officially made it, you’re a full-fledged Senior!  This title now will stay with you for the rest of your life.  We deal with our aches and pains but no longer sweat the small stuff.  Most of us at this age are enjoying retirement and pretty much every retail senior discount that’s available out there.

Remember at every stage you are only as old as you feel, but if a title entitles you to save money…Why not, right?

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