Wonders of Modern Medicine

Editor’s Note: As we get older, parts of our body having aged with us can get past their “best before date.” Below is a story from one of your neighbours, Angelo Ligori, who, when faced with this situation, turned to modern medical science to improve his quality of life. I hope you find it interesting and even motivating.

“I have some personal experiences that I would like to share to let everyone know that many of those crazy things we did in our teens come back to remind us there is a price to be paid. As I begin my seventh decade, several of my parts have needed replacement or an upgrade because of incidents and/ or bruises of the past.

About two months ago, I got a beautiful left knee replacement thanks to Dr. Ian Turnbull. I had chipped cartilage in that joint playing soccer at age 23 and then compounded the “mileage” on it with miles of biking, swimming, and running in later decades so I am very pleased that the knee even lasted this long. The knee replacement did require medications to keep down the pain and physiotherapy. Treatment is key to successful recovery, even though it can be boring. In the end though, after this “repair,” I am now ready to enjoy years of gardening in the great outdoors.

Additionally, in 2022, I received several dental implants thanks to Dr. Mark Shuren. They were needed thanks to my daredevil bicycle days as a ten-year-old. To round things out, since cataracts run in the family, Dr. Robert McMahon gave me new lenses that are perfect. The future is so bright that I need to wear sunglasses more often. All of these upgrades are thanks to our healthcare system. I especially want to thank all of the CKHA nurses and support workers that made these experiences easy to get through.

To conclude, please remind your children and grandchildren that their daredevil adventures will often come back as issues later in life and will need repair or replacement. By that time though, who knows what medical miracles will be available.

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