Medication Management Made Easy

Medication plays a vital role in managing and curing a health condition. However, keeping track of your medication is not easy, especially if the doctor has prescribed you multiple medications at a time. 

Medication management involves many tasks like visiting a pharmacy, counting pills, remembering doses, refilling prescriptions, and more. But not everyone has the time, energy, and knowledge to manage all these tasks. Some forget to take their doses on time, while others find medication regimens too inconvenient or complex to follow consistently. 

  • Not taking medication properly means: 
  • Taking less than the prescribed dose 
  • Not filling prescriptions on time 
  • Stopping the medication without a doctor’s advice 
  • Making changes in the dose, size, or frequency without consultation 

What happens when you don’t administer your medicine as prescribed? The effectiveness of your treatment decreases, sometimes even drops to zero. In fact, lapsing on your medication might even put your health at more risk than before. But don’t worry; MyEasyDose has got you covered! 

MyEasyDose – Compliance Packaging Solution Prepared By Community Care Pharmacy 

Community Care Pharmacy is not just a regular pharmacy; it is a complete solution for all your medication compliance needs. Our service ensures you take medicines on time and get the most out of your treatment! 

Our core purpose? To ensure you never skip a dose – ever again! 

Convenient Med-Packs 

Do you have to take multiple medications at different times of the day? Handling multiple doses can be very challenging without a proper system. There are high chances you or your caregiver might skip or double a dose by mistake. The good news is that with MyEasyDose you don’t need to sort out medications by yourself. 

Our professional pharmacist team will take your prescription and sort the required medication into easy-to-use, multi-dose packets for your convenience with our advanced medication packaging and sorting system. 

The following are the core benefits of our MyEasyDose Med-Packs: 

We sort your medicines into daily packets by date and time. Your job? – Tear the correct packet and consume the pills inside with water. 

These pre-sorted and accurately packed packets are easy to carry on the go – you no longer need to worry about missed doses or bulky palm and turn containers. 

Besides prescribed medication, we can add over-the-counter medication and supplements to your packets. 

In most cases, you don’t have to pay any extra cost than what you already pay for your prescriptions. Our staff will go over it all with you during your free onboarding consultation. 

Automated Refills & Renewals 

Have you ever missed a dose because you forgot to refill or renew your prescription? Get in touch with us to never let that happen again. 

Simple, quick and reliable, our refill and renewal process ensures you never run out of your medicine. Read the points below to learn how: 

  • Our pharmacists monitor your prescriptions closely. 
  • We stay in touch with your healthcare providers to arrange timely refills. 
  • Your prescription refills are automatically scheduled into our system. 
  • Any changes required in your prescription are discussed with your doctor. 
  • We ensure you don’t miss a dose by sending you the refills before you run out. 

Free Periodic MedsChecks 

We understand that medication might be a little technical for people to understand. Hence, you are always welcome to discuss your prescription concerns with our experienced team. We offer free periodic MedsChecks that can help you understand: 

  • What your prescribed medicines do 
  • How to store your medication 
  • Possible side effects of your medication 
  • Drug interactions check 
  • How over-the-counter supplements may benefit you 
  • And so much more! 

Note: Understanding your prescriptions in detail keeps you motivated to stay consistent with taking them! 

Free Delivery Across Ontario Canada 

You no longer need to visit a pharmacy location to refill or renew your prescription. Let us know where you want your medicines delivered, and we will ensure they reach your doorstep as promptly as possible. Want to know the best part? Our delivery is free across Ontario in most cases. 

Visit or call toll-free 1 (855) 962-5198 to get started today with MyEasyDose – A Proven Process That Works! 

Article Submitted by Adam Cole from Sunshine Drugs 

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